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DIY Parts  
  Bookmarks Description
Various parts compendium small parts reasonable priced.Aggregator.
Sutter Instruments Filter wheels, controllers, other imaging things.
Stepper motors Supplier of stepper motors
SmallParts small good things like tubing connectors, tubing, tools, etc.
Semrok Optical Filters  
Rotary stage  
RobotShop Canadian. Various parts and things.
RFID things  
Razel Scientific OEM perfusion pump modules.
Ramsey Electronics  
Linear actuators Miniature, well done, good price.
FIA lab various fluidics; pumps, flowcells, etc.
Cuvettes 1  
Cole-Parmer catalog see microfluidics
Bioscience Tools many things; flow control and pumps are interesting 
Bioptech Nice micro pumps (~$1000) and other equipment for flow-through chambers cell imaging 
Automation parts Automation parts reasonable priced.
APT instruments various things reasonable price see pumps
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