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substrates and uncouplers (in Russ.)
On isolating yeast mitochondria
Adenine Nucleotide Assays and Issues
Human mtDNA sequencing: CRS vs. rSRS.
Specific VDAC inhibitor
Using fluorescent probes to detect ROS in cells
matrix ADP and ATP in mitochondria
On the use of luciferase to measure ATP
Mitochondrial damage by Ca2+
Succinate in hypoxia
Use of anesthetics and mitochondria
Koenig Polyanion
JC-1 artefacts
Bacteria Cell Volume
Use of Digitonin.
What is "State 1-5"
Inhibitors of NADH:Q reductase (Complex I).
Oxidative substrates
Mitochondria World
Mitochondria Facts
Science News
Uncoupling of mitochondria
Know your Peers!
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