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If you would like to contribute some content to The OXPHOS International portal, please read:

1. Who is eligible to contribute the content.

Only Registered Users can contribute content to this website. Please register here. To access the content, you can use any valid e-mail address, permanent or temporary, and any username of your choice. However, if you are planning on contributing the content, your e-mail address has to be traceable to an academic, commercial, industrial, or a research establishment. As indicated in the Disclaimer and Rules section, nothing on this website is intended for general public. In essence, this means that only active or retired researchers/scholars who could be identified as such either by their publications or affiliation are eligible to contribute the content. Your position is not important, you may be a student, professor, or a marketing specialist, but you can not be an anonymous “Jay Joe” of "jayjoe @ yahoo . com" if you decide to contribute the content to this web portal.

2. What is considered as “Content”.

Anything of practical value or interest to a researcher/scholar studying mitochondria is the Content. For example, assay protocols, literature reviews on mitochondria-related subject, scientific comments and opinions, hypotheses, research articles, traceable research news and rumors (meaning that their source can be readily identified), information about new commercial products and conferences relevant to mitochondria research, recreational items such as jokes and caricatures, whatever of interest/value to the mitochondria research community and what is not specifically listed in the following section #3.

3. What is not considered as “Content”.

- web links. You can submit them but they are not “Content” .
- your CV and research description, and any other type of self-promotion. BUT, you can add those to the “Who is Who” page if you contribute some Content.
- any DNA, RNA, or protein sequences whatsoever. Exceptions are extremely rare.
- anything not relevant to the purpose of this portal, which is stated here.

4. Who decides what is “Content and what is not.

Administration and Consultants of this site. Please, see “Disclaimer and Rules".

5. How to contribute the Content.

For assay protocols, please download and use this Template; for reviews, opinions, hypotheses and comments, this Template. News can be submitted by following this link. Other types of content, please contact us.
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